Friday, November 27, 2009

random friday.

good mornin guys! :)

today is Idul Adha so its a holiday. anyway, happy idul adha to those who's celebrating!!

10 Things You Want For Christmas:

1. chanel classic bag.
2. $$$
3. christian Louboutin heels i saw in PI the other day. arrrhhhhhh!
4. a holiday to a europe country
5. shoppings shoppings shoppings
6. 90 and above final exam scores
7. nikon d90
8. a bigger closet
9. more $$$$$ :)
10. meeting lautner, pattinson, tatum, and many more! COULDNT EVEN MENTION THEM ALL! HAHA.

9 Musicians/Bands You Love:
(In no particular order, of course)

1. avril lavigne
2. taylor swift
3. colbie caillat
4. click five
5. simple plan
6. dont know what else to mention. none is really special to me but yea.. whatevs

8 Things You Do Everyday:

1. school
2. tweeting :P
3. practicing piano
4. surfin the internet
5. sleep in.
6. bible!
7. going over my diet plans again and again. changes ARE needed.
8. change my outfit more then once.

7 Things I Enjoy:

1. love.
2. friends.
3. style/ fashion.
4. novels.
5. imagining a happy perfect life!
6. road trips. or simply travelling.
7. sleeping.

6 Things That Will ALWAYS Win Your Heart
(not really in order)

1. moneys deh :]
2. him (;
3. super super supeeeer SAD movies.
4. the hawt cute sweet romantic boys
5. sweet scenes in movies
6. candies, chocolates, sweets. especially the kenyel2 candies.

5 Favorites:

1. Movie: too many. If i have to pick, mean girls.
2. Song: too many.
3. Book: too many, obviously. i love books!
4. Food: ha. too many dude!
5. Season: every season give me different impressions and i love them all. fall is favorite, though.

4 Places You Want To Go:

1. new york city.
2. paris.
3. korea
4. hawai, and MANY MOREEEEE.

3 Smells You Enjoy:

1. sarah jessica parker - lovely
2. dolce gabbana

2 Holidays You Love:

1. christmas.
2. summer holidays.

1 Person You Would Marry On The Spot:

1. him. who else?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

no matter what, youre always number one.

i got only few pics right now, but imma add MORE soon. i promise.

anyway, sorry for the super random post title, theyre from the songs that is shuffled on my itunes :]the holy martimony dress i was wearin :]

The Pringadi Girls + the bride

me and the Tamy sisters at the wedding <3

so kiss me and smile for me.

hey people. im back! :)

guess whaaaaat, i watched New Moon yesterday. 25th November 2009. haha New Moon came out a bit late here in Indonesia and the lines are like whoaaaa. my uncle had to line up since morning to get the tickets for the NIGHT show. yea, unbelievable, i know. but i think im one of the first to watch new moon, esp in my school :)
well i think the movie was worth the line. it was great, made me smile the whole time. im netral, not team edward nor jacob. i LOVE both! serakah, am i? (;
but honestly, i hate the ending! haha and i prefer the books. i mean, im a book lover and i just loooveee how the writer could express every bit of feelings and emotions in the book. and they cut some sceens off in the movie, didnt they? but yeah, i friggin love it! :*

and im having my semester one final examination next week. im nervous, because this year has been tough. my scores DROPPED like hell. i used to get ninety ninety ninety for everything and now its been 70-90. i mean, its not like i never study this year. its just that i didnt expect this year's lesson to get triple harder than usual. i used to be like, 'ah i dont need to study' and now i feel the obligation to do it. sighhhhh :(
monday's schedule is chemistry and biology. awwww my two fave subjects! :)
and i honestly think biology is the easiest lesson out of all. :D

anyway, im wishing everyone good luck on their finals. dont be careless and study hard!

P.S = havent got time to post about the weddings and the dress and everything. its hard to get the pics from my aunt since she's living quite far away from me. it'll be soon, i promise.


(a cute pic i found, just for u! enjoy your weekend babies!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

just so you know..

oh and one more thing, guys!

my uncle is having his holy martimony this saturday.
(wedding reception is gonna be next week)
and my lovely unbiological big sister is tying the knot this saturday too.

oh boy, im sure as hell that this saturday would be one of the most busy saturday ever!
** but exciting as well :P **

anyway, im on a tough strict diet this week because i wanted to look better on my dress for the two occasion ehehehe

i was kinda confused on what to wear, ci aline's wedding dresscode is bright and semiformal while for the holy martimony, i decided i dont have to wear fancy fancy stuffs.
so i choose my white simple dress that fits all the requirements. anyway, the dress was also made by my grandma :)
gonna post the pic of tht dress laters.

ciao lovelies! once again, enjoy your week! xx

a catastrophe, or not.

why hellooooo people!!

how's your week going? mine's fine. boring school stuffs, as always :P
so yea, i got 2 things to tell y'all in this post.

i asked my old times friend, Danita where will she go to college next year. she said 'esmod, fashion design' and then i was like 'what the heyyy, sama dong! but i planned about raffles. anyway, how much is esmod per year?' and her answer SHOCKED me. raffles' price is like DOUBLE esmod price. siggghhhhhh. remember my post when i talked about going to raffles with my besties? but Esmod got really good offers. i also want to go to Esmod but i DO NOT want to be seperated with my friends. its like, the plan was perfect already.. but well, im not sure whether Esmod accepts O-Level (10th grade) or not.. because if they dont, i really dont want to continue grd 11 and 12 just to go to Esmod. sighhhh God help me deciding which one i should choooseeee pleaseeeee -_-

and now, the second news will surely awe you all!
my bb is broken. WHY? because this morning, some waters are accidentally spilled onto it. dont ask, dont ask. its a heck of a long story. but to be brief, it was only a small amount of water. im pretty sure that those amount wouldnt break my bb :(((( and then im also sure that it was only on the surface of my phone, but idk why its broken like thatttttt :'(
but one quote tht really made me strong throughout the day was "never cry about loss. because God never takes anything away without replacing it."
so maybe my wish of buying a new phone would come true? hmm well, i dont know and im not sure. but i AM sure that God has a plan. like, it wasnt really my fault. it was all accident, but i know that it wasnt a coincidence. there's a plan behind all this, im sure :)

have a great week! xx

Saturday, November 7, 2009

oh boy oh boy


my mom suddenly talked to me about a girl who has been learning how to play bass for only 2 years but can play like Barry Likumahuwa already. she wants me to be like that on piano.

OMG. its weird. my last post was about me not wanting to be a pianist and now the situation is forcing me to be one. hmphf.

theres nothing i can do except following what my mom wants.

right. whatever. we never know what the future brings.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ready. set. go. FIREEEEE!

okay, maybe the title of this post is a little too much :p

TODAY. november 3rd 2009. is one of the big day of my life.

TODAY. november 3rd 2009. i will be joining the ABRSM piano exam.

everyone who learns music KNOWS that ABRSM is a big, internation music school or somethin like that. they have a high standard and their exams are probably twice harder than yamaha's or any other exams.

and i am a girl who, literally, hates piano. i never really enjoyed it. fact is, i've been learning piano for 6 years and i struggled so much for piano. my dad is a musician and he wants me to at least, learn to be a musician as well. i am really lazy to practice piano but still, whenever it comes to an exam, i of course will study hard to pass the exam!

right now, im trying to get my mind to think that piano is something i do for my parents. to make them proud, and happy. but THATS IT! my dream is to be a fashion designer, a photographer, and a writer. NOT a musician. my parents has got to understand that. but we never know, i MIGHT JUST be a piano teacher someday. or someone who plays piano at church. but NO, i wont be a musician. i wont be playing on stage as a pianist, i wont be a musician. thats FINAL!

my parents always tells me that the purpose of me learning piano is that i can make money easily in the future. well yes, i see many musicians livi
ng luxuriously just because of their music gigs. HA! yeah! but what if im rich but i dont enjoy my life? i dont enjoy my job? thats NOT gonna happen. i will do music jobs only if im ever kepepet in the future :P

so yeah, back to my ABRSM exam. i did well just now. i kept on praying the entire time and i said to myself 'ready. set. go. FIREEE!' and thank God, i did goo
d! i was great on songs, on scales, especially on oral test. but i messed up a liittleee bit on the sight reading. what the heck, i gave my best shot already! but im sure that i'll pass :) i really had a great day today, thank goodness :)

okay thats it for the day guys! enjoy the rest of the week! xoxo

Arneil Joseph Caras, may you rest in peace.

so last night, i received a text from my friend, Amanda Indriani. it says 'lets pray for our dear brother rj.may he rest in peace :('

and there it goes. i was speechless.

honestly, i was never such a close person to RJ. i barely even talked to him, but i DO know that he is a really great man. everybody loves him, everybody adores him, everybody respects him, and even called him 'daddy RJ'.

but now what? he's gone.

gone because of that damn cancer. he's been through a lot pain because of cancer, for sure. so im glad that his pain stopped. but im also SAD because his pain stopped but his life stopped also :(

i never imagined last night would be such a sad shocking night for the people around RJ.

all we can say is, may you rest in the heavenly peace RJ.
all we can do is keep sending prayers for him and his family, and just let him go.

"time moves on because it has to, and so do we."
we move on, but that doesnt mean we forget him.
i know for sure that RJ will forever be in our hearts.

love u brother.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

a sudden thing that made me smile!

helloooo people. happy sundaaay. anyway, i was browsing tumblr and then found this pic. when i first saw it i was like 'anjiiingggggg keren bgt!'. this thing is a SERIOUS inspiration and i reallyyyyy wish i can have this cake as my bday cake next year awww <3

anywaaay, weekdaysss here we go again!
lets survive this school week.
dont forget to always smile, face every trouble maturely
and keep growing fonder in every aspects of your lives.
be blessed! xoxo