Friday, March 5, 2010

nothing without you.

yes yes yes how true is this quote! (:
and remember, whatever you wanna do, do it step by step! (:

#nowplaying: With Me - Sum41
!song of the week!

commitment= improve my grades.
uh i know everyone says that my grade is very good already, but NO i certainly do not think so.
especially if i wanna apply for scholarship. having 80 average wont be good enough ): so yeah, im gonna study like a bookworm!
(p.s i never study much for anything before and i still manage to get good grades,
now i gotta study hard and get GREAT grades!)

pray for me and the scholarship thingie, darlings!
have a great weekend :*

anyway, im gonna have my piano concert on sunday :DD

Thursday, March 4, 2010

tomorrow is a different day.

i was dazing in my bed with nothing to do and suddenly the thought of my english teacher popped up in my mind. she is my favorite teacher at school. she's neat, organized, she teaches well and is a very kind teacher. she's funny and school periods with her are never boring, or at least i think so.

she is just undescribable. how i feel about her is undescribeable with words.

anyway, i suddenly remembered about one english period with her. she told us to write 100 things we are grateful for in our lives. after doing this activity, i realize that i am one lucky girl. im starting to believe that God has this magnificent plan for each one of us. there's a reason why im the first child, why i study in stella maris, why my best friend is jessica and fernando, a reason for EVERYthing. and i, personally, have always believed that whining does not change any situation. so, be grateful instead.

things that im grateful for in my life right now =

1. i'm alive. perfectly healthy.
2. i have a great parents which arent over protective, which are funny, which are fun, and i love them.
3. i have a mighty God and everything in life makes sense in Him.
4. i have two siblings which i dont really like right now
but i am certain that there's a reason why they are my siblings.
5. i am currently in 8th grade and i love my class.
teachers said that my class is the best. the most attentive,
the best scores compared to others, and less noisy and less naughty.
and yes, i do feel lucky to be in 8c instead of other grade 8.
(i dont really like noisy environments)
6. i am smart. yes, i thank God for that.
(seriously, im not showing off here. no hard feelings)
7. i have my best friend by my side. Jessica Hudaya, i love you.
Jess and I are very much alike. Fashion lovers, serial movie lovers,
talkative, brainy and we have the same perspective almost every time. She's always there for me (: a total blessing from God.
8. another classmate that im very close with, Fernando Lius.
a smart guy. he's beyond neat. he's sensitive (for boys' scale)
just VERY different from other boys, and i like that.
he's not noisy, naughty or underestimate the importance of
score and grades. i love his presence, he's funny.
9. i just heard the news that im gonna go for a vacation with my
'kebon kacang family' to Thailand on January 2011. its still a long time, i know. but im excited since the economy was bad lately and i havent been on vacation in ages! ):
10. i am in music environment. my dad's a musician and most of his friends are too. i have always been surrounded by musicians since i was born. until now, i got tons of songs in iTunes and i just love finding nice songs. I feel lucky for my music taste. Music really has a big impact for me, it can help me boost up my mood.
11. Jessica and I are planning to apply a high school scholarship in Singapore. we're bored living in Indonesia. we used to think that we can just take IGCSE test and directly go to college but we cant get sarjana with that ):
so since we have to go for high school anyway, we choose to go abroad. i'm excited! i pray that this plan works, and i get the scholarship (: *amen..
12. i got my future figured out! God is so kind, he let me know what i should be. it is obvious that music is my future. my parents want me to, and i do have skills, and im starting to write lyrics now and i can finish a song lyrics in 15 minutes. and i used to hate the idea of having music as my future, i always wanted to be a fashion designer. then i realize how tragically bad i am at drawing during art class.
i THANK sir lauren for his drawing class that made me realize that fashion design isnt my destiny.... music is.

so, be grateful grateful grateful!

xoxo, sweethearts

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

me plus you :)

good evening, peeps.
was surfing the internet and found some stuffs i'd like to share.
hope you enjoy!

1. photography evolution :D
this is sort of true, seriously. sometimes we got to lay down on grasses and get dirty just to get a shot of pic (:

2. Journey Begins With A Single Step very true isnt, it?
here's an advice..,
whatever you do, do it step by step, proggresively.
it makes things easier (:

xoxo, V.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

celebrity crush that wont ever fade away.

im pretty sure they'll still be handsome even if they're somewhere around 60 years old :p

so, these boys that i have crushes on are =
1. Zachary David Alexander Efron
2. C
hristopher Chace Crawford
Matthew Mackendree Lanter

first thing first, Zac.

i have crush on him since grade 5 when i was 10 y.o which was like 3
,5 years ago!
i like him since i saw him in High School Musical :D
he is just too adorable! and his blue eyes are killer!
nd the way he smiles, oh my god.

forever in my heart. lol.

heartbreaking, yes?

yes, please <3<3

and then, we have Chace.

have a crush on him since 6th grade
, 11 y.o
eversince i saw him in Gossip Girl.

now what should we call him? irresistable?

he's OH MY GODDDD hot. and
he has blue eyes too!
the way he always 'play it cool' on GG makes
him even hotter :D

he's such a meanie for being to handsome (:

yeah yeah yeah? you see why he's hot?

last but not least, Matt.

have a cr
ush on him since 8th grade, 13.5 y.o
just a few months ago, eversince i watch 90210 season 2.
aaaahh his killing smile and blue eyes!
you should see the way he kiss Ivy on 90210 -___-
bottom line, i love him.
i j'adore him (according to
Naomi Clark :p)

indonesia, im in love! <3<3

awwww <3

his smile kills me.

THE killing smile

so we can easily analyze my boys type from this blogpost :D
the three boys are somehow similar right?
the hair, mostly. the body posture too.. hehe
but Matt Lanter is more muscle-ish (;
so yeah, i like these kind of boys :DD
and its pretty funny for me that the 3 of them have BLUE EYES 0.o

P.S = i'll love them forever.
xoxo, V.

Monday, March 1, 2010

always be mine

saturday, 27th february 2010
was some sort of FAMILY DAY for me (:

(i love family dayyyy!)

so my grandmother's sister invited all of us to lunch because
she didnt come to meet us dur
ing CNY.
the big family (from mom's sid
e) was there!
all my mom's siblings, my grandma's sibling, and my cous
ins (that i have forgotten :D)
it was such a crowd!!

we had our lunch in May Star, Central Park.
the lunch was incredible.

dimsum and some other delicious chinese dishes (Y
after that, me, mom, sister, uncle, aunt, and baby co
usin went to
TUTTI FRUTTI for some froyos.
DUCK. aaah so yummy! i suddenly miss china and their foods ):

dimsum oh so delicious (trust me!)

i heart mom! <3

lunch has finished!! big family (:

infront of MayStar with aunties

infront of MayStar, with grandma and her siblings, and aunt

me and baby sis (:

mom, aunt, uncle, sis, cousin

tutti frutti

we both have the same 'shio', rat (:

then i went to accompany one of my aunt and my baby cousin to Plaza Indonesia.
while my mom went to Kopitiam Oey for another gathering with my community.
in PI, we basically went to mothercare and stayed in the nursery room to
feed my baby cousin for a while. then continued to Early Learning Centre
to buy toys for her.
me (:

me and baby ella

baby ella in mothercare nursery room

then my aunt dropped me to Kopitiam Oey to meet my mom.
in there, we all just chatted and played pancasila lima dasar.
it started with me and ko martin, but then tante okta, tante nova,
tante grace, ci yunita, om owen, stevy and ana played too!
it was fun and noisy and all but it was a great time!

then they all continued to Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang but i prefer to walk home
to grandma's place. then STRAIGHT TO BED coz im bloody tired :D

The Frog Prince

nyawwwww hello people!! glad to be back (:
i seriously havent posted in ages!! sorry for that, kay?
i've been terribly busy, not sure of what, but yeah life's hectic these days ):
so uh, when was my last post again?
RIGHT. it was around mid december
-ish i guess :D
but dont worry, im OFFICIALLY BACK guys!!

so my school chose me to join this story telling competition which was held by IPEKA PLUIT.
me, monica and helena were chosen for english story telling.
my best friends, jessica and fernando were chosen for chi
nese story telling.
shilla and jordy were chosen for solo vocal.
chrisda, pauline and shelda were chosen for art painting.
we started practicing and preparing when it was a week to the competition date!
it was hectic like hell! i skipped almost every period in a
day. i only came to class if
there was any test or if the subject was i
i chose to read 'The Fr
og Prince'.
we practiced with Mr. Peter's friend, Ms. Wahyu.
she was like the EXPERT of story telling. she
trained her kids to join story telling
competitions. and her kids are all great storytellers! they won so many competitions.
This Ms.Wahyu is really seriously experienced in storytelling section.
she's very kind, too :) she t
rained us well.
so on 25th February 2010, we w
ent for the competition.
we were already at school at 6.15 am. we arrived to the location late, though.
we were shaking the whole time! we k
ept on practicing in our hearts.
we were kind of afraid when seeing other kids performing so well.
we were SURE that we wouldnt win :(
so when it was almost my turn, i was deadly nervous. i felt like i wanna die!
but thank god, when it came to my turn, i felt total
ly free and confident.
i spoke well, no pause (miss uni told me) and was great enough.
but we all didnt win.
for me, its not that i was bad.
but its that the school didnt prepare me the way the judges want.
im still proud of myself for being extraordinary on the stage,
i did better on stage t
han on practice (:

us in costumes!

P.S =
i had my nervous moment every now and then.
i had my nervous moment during the competition, too.
but i found a quote that says,
'dont let people drive you crazy when you know its in walking distance'
so dont go all crazy when you know that it isnt THAT hard.
believe in yourself!!

xoxo, sweeties (: