Friday, October 30, 2009

what to wearrrrrr :)

so, my uncle's wedding day is coming up in like, 2 weeks and i still dont have my dress :( so tonight i googled some casual party dresses and will show it to my grandma tomorrow. ( P.S my grandma can sew and she sew a lot of clothes for me already.. and she's also gonna sew this dress that i'll wear! ) i searched for the dresses that are rather easy to make so that my grandma can finish it faster. i found some that suits my style and taste, but i will change some things in the dress, like for example cutting the length of the skirt or changing some part of it. will discuss further with grandma tomorrow! :)
and guys, dress nya mendi
ng pake tangan atau tangan buntung aja yaaww? bingung -_-

i like the style of miley's dress but i think its too long. i think i'd just make the skirt until the knee only, not that long. and oh, i like her shoes! :)

LOVING this dress because its HIGH WAIST god damn it! really love the skirt!! i would just make it a bit more elegant so it would be suitable to be worn to a party :)

ah my god, this one is also cuteeee. i'd just leave it to my grandma to choose which one is the best for me :)

adios chicas! have a SUPERB weekend. enjoy it while its hot! :)