Monday, June 22, 2009

ROAD TRIP guci - semarang - tegal . 16th - 20th june 2009 .

okayyy so i was supposed to be blogging this earlier but its fine lah yaa -_-

so the trip was from 16th - 20th June 2009 , we travelled using car (mitsubishi kuda) , and there were 7 people . 1 grandma , 3 adults , 1 teenager , 2 kids .

so we left on 16th june morning and arrived at Guci pemandian a
ir panas at night . it was so so so tiring but we had fun berendem in the hot water pools :D we all felt soooo fresh and went out to eat sate kambing muda and then had a good night sleep after that .

on 17th june morning , we went to the pool again and had breakfast . the berendem activity on this day wasnt so fun maybe because its in the morning , it wasnt as fun as the night before . and then at 10 am we left for Semarang ( but my brother and my sister rode a horse first ) . we arrived at Semarang on the afternoon and just spent the night at the hotel ( i stayed at Ciputra Hotel )

on 18th june . we went for breakfast in the hotel and
then just laying on bed until the afternoon and then we went to the mall next to the hotel , Citraland . we bought spongebob tshirt ( kembaran with my mom and dad and siblings ) . and at night , we had dinner at a chinese restaurant , thats also to celebrate my little cousin's birthday

on 19th june . 9 am we already left Semarang and off to Tegal . we arrived there in the afternoon and ate at a sate restaurant *again?! i know.. so bored with sate* and rested for a while at the hotel . and this hotel we stayed at tegal is sooo wonderful BECAUSE THEY HAVE HOT SPOT ! haha -_- then we rode becak and went to find kue pia for oleh2 . and at the night , i went to Pacific Mall of Tegal with my grandma to buy foods for our dinner .

on 20th june . went home and arrived at night !!

worst thing about the trip : i had to seat at the back with all the luggages and i was like sikat gigi lipat
best thing about the trip : all the FOODS !!
scariest thing about the trip
: i gained 3kgs !! OMG!

*from the top to the bottom*

pic 1 = our luggage :)
pic 2 = our room in Guci , family II
pic 3 = 2 tang statue :)
pic 4 = berendam di hot pool
pic 5 = my dad and uncle owen , he's crazy cuma pake underwear
pic 6 = me :)
pic 7 = the beautiful view in Guci .
pic 8 = me again :)
pic 9 = me :)))
pic 10 = siblings
pic 11 = with cousins
pic 12 = Hotel Karlita , the one that provide hotspot
pic 13 = naik becak :D


i am a fashionlover and i only wear what i like . but lately i cant really wear all the good clothes because im FAT right now .. i gained 5kgs OMG *gasp gasp* so yeah i must be skinny first in order to be a fashionista again :))

one of my favorite fashion piece is HIGH WAISTS (especially skirts)
i like it becauuuseee , its cut
e and lovely . it shows formality yet it is casual . it can be used in different types of occasion and i just LOVE IT !

here are the lovely high waists wore by lovely people :

showing you casual , half formal , and formal wear of high waist skirts

Monday, June 15, 2009


guys , this post is about amazing things and people .
i just wanna tell you that by doing your daily routinity , you find your destiny :)

now i ask you, ever heard of LEVI STRAUSS? ROSA PARKS? bible character KING SAUL?
they all found their real destiny by doing simple things, by doing their routinity..

levis worked in a mining . back then , everyone who worked in the mining never have clothes that last long (this is also because of their job) and so everyone needed a strong piece of cloth to make strong clothes . and then he found this cloth on the mining , used to cover up some stuffs , and he saw that it was a very strong cloth and decided to make pants out of it . and until now , the thing he created is known as JEANS (famous brand : levi's) . and his name is known as the father of jeans around the world :)

Rosa Park is a black woman . the rules back then was that the white people must get the seat in the bus and the black ones must stand up . that day , Rosa Park was soooo tired from work and she decided to just take the seat in the bus and then one white man come in and the driver told her to give the seat to the white man . but Rosa was just so tired and she didnt want to move . and then , that became a big fight and Rosa was put to jail . then of course , all the black race protested and so on and so on . and from then on , the black people have better life rights .
you see ? Rosa didnt plan to change the life of all black man , she just wanted to seat because she's tired . but we never know.. simple things changes our lives..

so his dad lost a donkey and he was asked to go look for the donkey . for days and days he walked , he decided to go to a teller . jesus already told the teller that Saul was going to come so he was blessed as king and yeahh its kinda complicated to express by words so baca sendiri di alkitab yahh

this man worked at a restaurant and someone ordered a fried potato . this person kept on protesting and ordered a thinner thinner thinner potato so this man got so annoyed and finally cut the potato as thin as it can be . and thats when potato chips was first created .
tuh kaannn.. something that is popular until now was created by a coincidence , and when the creator was feeling annoyed ..

soo , the point is that you never know what will happen so life your live , and do your best in every single thing even the very simple one . who knows that we'll find our destiny by doing something we do in routine ??

Sunday, June 14, 2009


12 AM !!!

i am the birthday girl ~

2 and half hours to my birthday !!
yess 15 june 2009 :)

all i wish for is HIM , nikon D90 , and myself leading a right life :D

God Bless Me.

ECSTATIC . thats the perfect word for this .

hellooo fellas !!

i just got home from puncak , attending the anniversary of my community *GMBC*
been stayin there for the last 3 days and it was sooo much fun !!
i met some new persons that REALLY change my life .

one of them is ko randy . he brought this canon 50D and then he was soooo kind .
he let me borrowed it for like the whole day and i found myself as a good photographer .
GOSHH I AM SO HAPPY .!! i took so many pictures *about 200 pics* and ko randy , ci ella , ko fandy , and ci regina told me that i took great shots and that i have skill in photography .

and nowww , im OFFICIALLY CRAVING for nikon D5000 . right now it costs IDR 9.000.000 .
gosh i have to wait till it get cheaper *and i have to save up.. sigh sigh*

and one more thing that makes me smile this wide .. he talked to me haha gilaaa ahhh hahaha im just too hopeless :( padahal dia cuma ngomong like a sentence gitu . haha

xoxo , echaa ~

Friday, June 12, 2009

report card day *and some other things*

soo , yesterday was last day of school and today is report card day . my school friends on twitter are like "omg im dead" "im not brave enough to see my report card" haha :D @deanchuu @DominicaLevina be braaveee and face it with smile .. lu orang pasti pass kookkkk ..

haha and yeah yesterday was also the last day of class decorating . we didnt win *sigh sigh so sad* but i really seriously honestly like my class and all we already did . we got the 'sport' theme so we made basketball ring , pingpong table , and blablabla but still , we didnt win .. it really annoys me that we didnt win lohh hahah *candaa* . but yeah its a good memory for us to remember , right ? working together in a rush , paints everywhere , and just gather together to work .. its such a blessing kann ? -_- here are some pics of yesterdayy :)

a whole new bloggin life

okaayyy so this is like my third blog (second on blogspot) and im gonna take this one seriously :D coz i never really blogged frequently back then soooo here's to my new blog *cheerss* and lets forget the old one !
hope u enjoy this..