Sunday, December 13, 2009

movie reviews. random (;

hello again ppl. im sorry that i've been SO busy (literally) on like final exams and all life troubles so i havent posted the pics that i promised ):

but oh whatsoever!

okay so this is a deff random post about movie reviews because last night i have just watched these two movies in a row.

okay, bandslam first.
my opinion about the movie is that its really cool and they got some funny lines and characters haha. its about music and i love music u know that right.
ive been a fan of vanessa hudgens too so yeah its another plus point for the movie.
and the movie is just FUN. like its colourful, loud, crowded.. and its definitely for teenagers or people who loves this sort of teen movies. because im hundred percent sure that parents who likes prison break, 24, indiana jones WOULDNT like this kind of movies no matter how cool it is.

and now, 500 days of summer.
well the movie is calm.. (TOTAL OPPOSITE OF BANDSLAM.) its like classic, if u know what im trying to say.. i LOVE zooey dechanel. hehehe. and its artistic and it has a messy story line which is very good and unique. it doesnt make people get lost in the movie. its got some funny lines too but its just weird (especially summer's character and her habit and her thinkings) and it gets me boring too. but its great, though.


okay thats it for today. have a nice sunday you all!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giving My Best Community concert.


ah im still in a super jumpy excited mood right now, especially talking about THIS.
okay so GMBC is my community, and GMBC is also a band.
we held a concert last night (2nd December) due to the launching of Chapter One album and also to celebrate christmas.
i was photographer-ing last night's event (: going to post the pictures i took later okayyy!
(anyway i used Nikon D200 last night)

first thing that surprised me was that we didnt sell much ticket, UNTIL 2 days before the concert.
and even until that time, only 600 festival tickets were sold.
but surprisingly, (and thank God), we sold more than 100 tickets on the spot.
so probably 800-900 people was there.

and yes, i took nice pics last night. even me myself adore the pictures.
my favorite is ka Sisi. she has a really good face bone and she's full of emotions (mimics) and so every of her pictures were good. and probably because of the lighting too.
and her poses. haha i love her.
second, i love ko Anes. he is soooo sadar kamera. he always looks at the camera even when he's singing. haha (:
third i must say i love om Owen. i might not explain why i love taking his pictures, but you WILL understand if you already see his picture! seriously, his hair is curly and gondrong (long), he has big muscles and big body and such a rocker! very photogenic and confident.

and i sincerely think that the concert was good. it was beyond my expectation, it was cool and such a blast. i had fun and im really amazed. BARRY LIKUMAHUWA NYA GANTENG BANGEEEET PULAAAA. hihi i took tons pictures of him. haha
when the multimedia team turned on the photoclip, i dropped tears ):
it was touching and sad. its unbelievable that its been more than a year already. and its unbelievable that we passed through everything. Thank God. (:

anyway, thats about the concert. i'll post pictures ASAP deh ;)
have a great week!