Thursday, August 20, 2009

TOPSHOP.COM such an inspiration

i just finished watching Brigde To Terabithia (all-time favorite, very very touching. i'd cry every time i watch it.) and i dont know what else to watch. so i decided to do a little inspiration-search for (of course) fashion design. i chose to open, and woots! i mean, i've never opened topshop's website before. like, why should i open its website if i go there often enough? (FYI, eventhough i go there often enough, i dont buy their stuffs that often :D) so i found amazing collections from i must say that their stuffs are good, but some of them arent worth the price. im not saying that its expensive, its just not worth it. SOME are not worth it. and just being honest, topshop's clothes can be so standard sometimes. i dont like their stuffs, SOMETIMES :p so, here's some pics of the clothes that suit my style that i found at few minutes ago :)

P.S : the third and ninth picture below are my favorite from all 10 pics :) i love all of the 10 pics though :) oh well i really love the first and the tenth picture as well :) gosshh gimme topshop!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BOOKS. i need these, seriously.

i went to kinokuniya at grand indonesia a few days ago and oh maaan i'd die for these books! want them so badly badly badly!

1. wrap and drape fashion
2. the fashion designer's directory of shape and form
3. 100 new fashion designers
4. the tokyo lookbook

well i can just say i want everything on the 'fashion design' shelf, but these 4 are the books that i REALLY WANTTT! buy them for me, please? ;)


yeo jin bae is a korean-born australian womens wear fashion designer. Yeojin won the 2007 Tiffany & Co Young Designer of the Year Award & in 2009 was nominated for the Prix de Marie Claire Designer of the Year Award.

i just found out about her today, this morning to be exact. and well, she's awesome.. she's another one of my role models in fashion design. she's pretty, and she's got cute collections! not much to say about her, but i've got a few pictures of her collection that i like :) enjoyyy :D

first image : butterfly sleeve tuxedo jacket (my favourite one!)
second image : double layer frill dress
third image : silk balloon dress
fourth image : trim tunic dress
fifth image : jumpsuit

loveee her cute collection (well i dislike a fewwww clothes but i love almost all of it!). you guys can check out to see all her collections!