Monday, March 1, 2010

The Frog Prince

nyawwwww hello people!! glad to be back (:
i seriously havent posted in ages!! sorry for that, kay?
i've been terribly busy, not sure of what, but yeah life's hectic these days ):
so uh, when was my last post again?
RIGHT. it was around mid december
-ish i guess :D
but dont worry, im OFFICIALLY BACK guys!!

so my school chose me to join this story telling competition which was held by IPEKA PLUIT.
me, monica and helena were chosen for english story telling.
my best friends, jessica and fernando were chosen for chi
nese story telling.
shilla and jordy were chosen for solo vocal.
chrisda, pauline and shelda were chosen for art painting.
we started practicing and preparing when it was a week to the competition date!
it was hectic like hell! i skipped almost every period in a
day. i only came to class if
there was any test or if the subject was i
i chose to read 'The Fr
og Prince'.
we practiced with Mr. Peter's friend, Ms. Wahyu.
she was like the EXPERT of story telling. she
trained her kids to join story telling
competitions. and her kids are all great storytellers! they won so many competitions.
This Ms.Wahyu is really seriously experienced in storytelling section.
she's very kind, too :) she t
rained us well.
so on 25th February 2010, we w
ent for the competition.
we were already at school at 6.15 am. we arrived to the location late, though.
we were shaking the whole time! we k
ept on practicing in our hearts.
we were kind of afraid when seeing other kids performing so well.
we were SURE that we wouldnt win :(
so when it was almost my turn, i was deadly nervous. i felt like i wanna die!
but thank god, when it came to my turn, i felt total
ly free and confident.
i spoke well, no pause (miss uni told me) and was great enough.
but we all didnt win.
for me, its not that i was bad.
but its that the school didnt prepare me the way the judges want.
im still proud of myself for being extraordinary on the stage,
i did better on stage t
han on practice (:

us in costumes!

P.S =
i had my nervous moment every now and then.
i had my nervous moment during the competition, too.
but i found a quote that says,
'dont let people drive you crazy when you know its in walking distance'
so dont go all crazy when you know that it isnt THAT hard.
believe in yourself!!

xoxo, sweeties (:

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