Monday, March 1, 2010

always be mine

saturday, 27th february 2010
was some sort of FAMILY DAY for me (:

(i love family dayyyy!)

so my grandmother's sister invited all of us to lunch because
she didnt come to meet us dur
ing CNY.
the big family (from mom's sid
e) was there!
all my mom's siblings, my grandma's sibling, and my cous
ins (that i have forgotten :D)
it was such a crowd!!

we had our lunch in May Star, Central Park.
the lunch was incredible.

dimsum and some other delicious chinese dishes (Y
after that, me, mom, sister, uncle, aunt, and baby co
usin went to
TUTTI FRUTTI for some froyos.
DUCK. aaah so yummy! i suddenly miss china and their foods ):

dimsum oh so delicious (trust me!)

i heart mom! <3

lunch has finished!! big family (:

infront of MayStar with aunties

infront of MayStar, with grandma and her siblings, and aunt

me and baby sis (:

mom, aunt, uncle, sis, cousin

tutti frutti

we both have the same 'shio', rat (:

then i went to accompany one of my aunt and my baby cousin to Plaza Indonesia.
while my mom went to Kopitiam Oey for another gathering with my community.
in PI, we basically went to mothercare and stayed in the nursery room to
feed my baby cousin for a while. then continued to Early Learning Centre
to buy toys for her.
me (:

me and baby ella

baby ella in mothercare nursery room

then my aunt dropped me to Kopitiam Oey to meet my mom.
in there, we all just chatted and played pancasila lima dasar.
it started with me and ko martin, but then tante okta, tante nova,
tante grace, ci yunita, om owen, stevy and ana played too!
it was fun and noisy and all but it was a great time!

then they all continued to Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang but i prefer to walk home
to grandma's place. then STRAIGHT TO BED coz im bloody tired :D

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