Thursday, October 14, 2010

Java Rockin Land 2010.

my dad, my mom and i went to see Java Rockin Land 2010
from 8-10 October 2010.
it was unplanned, it was actually a coincidence that we bought the tickets.
but i'm glad that we did because it was a whole lot of fun!!
(P.S: my dad didnt want to go from the beginning of the day till the end, so during those 3 days, we always arrive at around 8pm)

DAY 1.
we arrived just on time for the Smashing Pumpkins. booooring, absolutely boring. We only stayed for about 4 songs, then left.

DAY 2.
ARKARNAAAAA. love love love! all these times, i dont know much about Arkarna. in fact, i only know one of their songs which is Rehab. all that i know about Arkarna is that they are the one who sings Rehab. but i watch them anyway. and i instantly fell in love with the band. it was a nice show eventhough i couldnt sing along :D the band members were friendly and Ollie Jacobs was charming! really wish i took a picture with them! :( and after that, we have Stereophonics which was okay, but i dont really like them.

DAY 3.
arrived LATE. like really late. we arrived around 9 o clock and Mutemath was already on. we had to run to catch the show and thank goodness, Mutemath was still on. anddddd Mutemath was freakin freakin awesome!! all their attractions and their odd music instruments, simply captivating. too bad we didnt watch them from the beginning :| After that we saw Stryper which is a quite old band with all its old members, but still very cool rockers.

Personal opinion.
i dont understand the point of having a vocalist in a heavy metal band. we cant even hear what the lyrics are! they're cool with the loud sounds and headbangings and all but really, it's not enjoyable at all. but then again, people have different preferences and i got to respect it :)
i'm still quite annoyed that daddy chose to see Burger Kill (yup, all about scream and shout.) instead of Arkarna (which was heart throbbin, duh!).

the reason why we always come around 8pm is because we want to catch the international bands, however, whenever we come dad always skip the international bands and he prefers local ones. DUH, DADDY!! he said that the international bands are too "girly" and not "rock" enough. So yes, i watch all those luar negri bands by myself . Dad and mom would just wonder around to other stages to see the local bands that wont stop screaming. Overall, Java Rockin Land was enjoyable but i just really cant stand the smokes because it hurts my nose and makes me dizzy. (no offense to the smokers. peace!).

My love goes out to Arkarna and Mutemath! :) :) :)
xoxo, Echa.

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