Friday, August 6, 2010


OH MY GOD. my last post was.....5 months ago. i cant believe myself! i've been neglecting this blog as if i dont care about it which is absolutely ridiculous because i DO!! i love my blog, i love writing, and i love to express myself through essays :)

Looking back to the last few posts i made, i must say that life changes a lot!! I guess the phrase ''you know how life can be, it changes overnight" is very true. I posted that i was on diet, but i still havent succeeded yet. In my defense, it's not that i completely fail, i dont. I have tried, i have made improvements but then summer holiday comes...and i put my weight back on. It sucks you know...., life's tragedy. (NOTE TO SELF= gotta work on this!! i might be fat now, but its not gonna last forever. my fate's in my hand!) And i also posted about trying to get a scholarship to Singapore with my bestfriend...yeah, we're SO over it. The both of us have different plannings for our future now and it might just change again in the next 24hours, who knows. And even MORE changes if we have to dig up the much older posts! So let's move on...

Anyway, one of the many reasons i havent been posting is that i havent had any thing/events/moments worth to write about. But today i do.

It's about last night, August 5th 2010. One of the best nights of my life..(seriously. not just ANY 'best nights', last night was THE night!!)

It was GMB #Resurrection intimate concert!!

I might have to explain that GMB stands for Giving My Best, it's a might call it religious band or whatever. But their music is totally global and just so cool! It's not those regular songs you hear in church, it's something great coming from great musicians! My dad is apparently the drummer of the band so i could take parts at the concert and during the making of the album (SO GRATEFUL. To God be the glory!!). I wrote songs for the album and i photographed during the concert.

So this time it is called INTIMATE concert because it has a small space (small size of room), and the stage was in the centre.. So the audiences are around the performers and so they were able to watch the concert and all those cool people on stage VERY CLOSELY. There was a disco ball hanging up there in the middle of the stage (which was just cute!!). And the show conceptors (which was my aunt and my photography teacher) managed to get something in there to make white colours GLOW in the dark. So the seats for VIP are covered with white fabric, crews and ushers are wearing white #Resurrection t-shirt, and we informed people to come and wear something white! It was nice, really, to see ourselves glow in the dark :D

So yesterday, i left school an hour early. And we went straight to grandma's place to shower and eat, and then left to Balai Kartini, the venue of the concert. I feel so so sad that i cant be there and watch through (and of course, help around) the preparations. My parents and some other people have been there since the day before to get things set up and to do this and that. I really wished i was there!! It might be tiring, hectic or whatever but I ENJOY THOSE KINDS OF THINGSSS. (again, im so grateful for my parents and their cool job!).

When I arrived, i searched for my mom (she was probably the busiest person alive yesterday), directly changed into the #Resurrection t-shirt, grabbed my camera and walked around taking photographs of people in charge (which mostly are GMBCers). And then I ran to Ko Ua (my photography teacher AND the one that lends me his ultra-mega-super-duper nikon D700!) so i asked him for the D700 and then i walked around and got back on action but this time with a better camera :D

And then, finally they let the people inside the room. And after waiting for another 30minutes, a chosen MC came to stage doing a short welcoming speech. And then my dad, and the rest of the performers started to appear from the corner of the room and onto the stage. I was literally screaming like a crazy fan! (i might be an insider, but i still go crazy over my dad and his'll know why.) And after that, they let the lights off, making the stage so dark. And then i can hear the opening music starts...i've seen them rehearse and i really have heard that opening music but OMG i was still amazed and nervous hahaha.. i hold my camera tightly and said to myself 'let's get some nice pictures tonite, echa.'

The show ran smoothly and for me it was totally enjoyable. It flowed so perfectly and it wasnt boring in any way. My dad did a solo, Barry did a solo, the pianist (om yessy, or ka yessy) did a solo, the guitarist (ko robert) did a solo. Everyone showed what they got. And then there was this accoustic session which was calming and peaceful, there was energetic song and PEOPLE SANG ALONG. i loved it!! i loveeee when the crowd are cooperating with the band. Hearing the crowd sing was just a sweet thing for me. I jumped and shouted during Shout! and Stand Out. I almost cried during Menggapai Impian because before the song, abang (the vocalist) told the audience that i wrote the song and that it was a sincere song. And i did...i did wrote the song and it was! It really was sincere and it came out of my experiences and failures. The song sounded especially good on stage last night and i felt so good. And there was also a violin player for the last song. She was graceful and she was amazing too. the Sela song almost sounded like rockestra!! OMG they should've put more violist and make awesome tunes and the song would be a perfectttt rockestra! The concept of 'intimate' really came alive.. The stage wasnt big so the performers are close to each other. And it was a stage on centre so the performers moved around many sides of the stage. I can totally feel togetherness, unity and it was just SO AMAZING. (i have been with them since the beginning anyway so i KNOW that it was a unity project. we all did everything together, shared ideas, etc etc from the making of the album until the end of the concert) And not to mention, Abang is getting better at speaking on stage!! And his testimony was really touching.. His performance was so great! Way to go, bang!

If you see the pics that i took, you can TOTALLY tell that im a HUGE fan of Barry Likumahuwa! (sorry, i let my ego took over ;p). And hey, there's nothing wrong to be slightly obsessed with such a charming, talented bassist!! But of courseee i took gazillion pictures of the others too :DDD And the guitarist was awesome too! When i saw him before, i have ZERO idea that he can be almost as cool as Barry Likumahuwa on stage haha but yes really, he was awesome...and cute! just a brief info, both Barry and Robert (the guitarist) have dimples which was really cute ;D (this is totally personal opinion!!! ;p).
Every other performers were TOTALLY VERY VERY AWESOME too but it's either they have their own wives, or they just dont catch my eyes & heart :p

I feel bad for the people who couldnt make it to the concert because of the rain, or because they got stucked at their office..or because they dont get themselves tickets to watch. It was a heck of show and it's such a shame if you had to miss it!!

Last night was one of the best nights of my life. I am grateful that im a part of this, that i can know these cool people and that i can be around them so often. Thank You God.

P.S =
-dear daddy, so proud of you! am a proud daughter!! (im sure you're a proud dad too, right? :p)

-the performers= Adi Prasodjo on percussion, Amos Cahyadi on drums, Bams on vocal, Barry Likumahuwa on bass, Jeffrey Hermanto on accoustic guitar (do they call it rhytm, or something? i dont know), Robert M on electric guitar, Yessy on piano (or keyboard, gatau deh.) And there were also 2 backing vocals, one was ka Ranya Badudu and the other one is Henry Gasperz.

-photos are fully uploaded on facebook! do check out! :)


  1. i am so proud of u dear :) keep improving ur talents, do better than the ordinary ^-^

  2. Mantap... keren bgt konsernya :) God Bless GMB dan Vanessa!

  3. echa! you are totally amazing! i'm your BIG fans..! keep move on, God will use you greatly! love you

  4. wowww... keren ya, sayang ga keburu dateng :( ujan gede , macet bgt!!! Sukses untuk GMB